Monday, February 26, 2007

Hershey Lodge

The Hershey Lodge was the location that Lizzie and I took refuge during a winter storm last night. Well, there was a storm, we really did not need to stay here, but we did need to get away. Lizzie has wanted to get away for some time now. She had initially wanted to go to Puerto Rico, and had found a package deal at the El Conquistador, which is either a four or four and half star resort, but I was a party pooper and put a kabosh to the plan. However, she is determined to stay there in the near future. Other plans that we have rummaging around include various other hotels in the Philadelphia area, to include the two casinos in the metropolitan area that we have yet to visit. She also was thinking about going to the Delaware shore.
Hershey, however, was the destination for last nights stay, which was badly needed to recharge the batteries. If I don't get her out of the house, she continues to work when ever she is awake.
So yesterday after church, with an impending snow storm, I suggested we go away for the night, since school for her one son was not a problem. The choices were Willow Valley Farms resort, which Lizzie had visited years ago with the family for numerous visits. Next was Philly, but Hershey won out after looking on line. She then called the Hershey Hotel, and found out that rooms with a King were available at both the Hershey Hotel and the Lodge. The Lodge is about a hundred dollars cheaper, and is a little more relaxed atmosphere. The Hershey Hotel, which is easily a 5 star hotel is on our list of hotels to review. According to Ninette Petrasch, the assistant Restaurant Manager at the FourBay Restaurant, were we dined last evening,(see for a review of the Hershey Lodge's FourBay Restaurant) the Hotel is a beautiful place to visit, especially in the spring when the gardens are blooming. One difference between the Hotel and the Lodge is that at dinner, the Hotel requires men to wear a jacket and tie, were as the Lodge, informal clothing is perfectly acceptable.
Upon checking in at the Lodge, a bag man helped us to get our bags out of our car, and a bellhop escorted us up to our room and brought the bags into our luxurious Hershey Lodge room. The room is equipped with not only a King size bed, but also a mini fridge, single serve coffee pot, Television with HBO and standard cable, and also wireless Internet access, which is available in not only the rooms, but also in the Lodge Lobby. The Hershey Lodge/Convention center has an indoor swimming pool, two hot tubs, an arcade, a fitness center, a gift shop, five restaurants, and a Lobby bar.
Of the facilities that we utilized only the Forebay Restaurant for dinner last night and the Cocoa Beanery for breakfast this morning. We did wander around the facility and locate the other locations, but chose to relax in our room while watching Lizzie's Favorite, Law and Order, of which a marathon was underway.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant review posts will be made at our new blog, which is starting out as a Restaurant review blog, but may evolve over time into a food related portal. The site is pretty raw at present, but with the addition of a new logo, a food related sites directory, and the cooperative efforts of numerous food critics the site should do very well. The culinary staff of will be spear headed by a seasoned Chef, currently known as Duhchef. Interviews with the DuhChef will be forthcoming on

Restaurant review posts that have been made on the Lizzie Bean Travel Blog, will be moved to