Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lucy of Margate

On Saturday morning of our Atlantic City trip, after breakfast at Annette's, Lizzie mentioned that there is a huge elephant in Margate, NJ. So we had to head just a little south to Margate to see Lucy the Elephant, which happens to be a National Historic Landmark. To say Lucy is big is an understatement. Thankfully she is not a real elephant, because she would be as big as a dinosaur if she was alive. Perhaps this summer I'll have the chance to visit her and take a video of inside Lucy.

Lucy is currently closed, but reopens in April. For more information about Lucy, see their site LucytheElephant.org.

Atlantic City NJ - Flagship Fantasea

Our trip to Atlantic City made for a good getaway last weekend, that was much needed. It has been quite a while since we got away, so this little vacation was much appreciated.
With the assistance of my Garmin Nuvi GPS, we got to the Flagship with out any problems. I really am amazed at how easily I got used to using the Nuvi in our travels. But that is another post.

Flagship Fantasea Resort

Flagship Fantasea ResortOur room was on the 30th floor and it faced the Marina. The picture above was taken from our balcony on Friday night.
The room had what they said was a queen sized bed, and a queen sized sleeper sofa in a separate living area which included a kitchen with a sink, microwave, 2 burner stove top, and refrigerator.
The hotel also has a swimming pool, game room, lounge, restaurant, fitness center, business center, and activity center for young children. Even though Lizzie and I did not use all of the facilities of the Flagship Fantasea, we would still recommend staying there for both families and couples.

The Viddler Video was recorded Saturday night and Sunday morning of our Atlantic City trip.
To read about the places we ate while in AC, check out TheGrubhounds Atlantic City Dinning post.

What places in Atlantic City would you recommend?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Atlantic City NJ

Atlantic City NJ is going to be the destination we will be traveling to next, and as it turns out, that will be this coming weekend. Lizzie has been working way too hard, and this weekend seems like the perfect time to get away.

Belagio Casino
Bellagio Casino not in Atlantic City,
but one of my favorite casinos.

So Lizzie went on Hotels.com looking for a decent place to stay. Last time we were in AC, the place we had was easily the worst hotel of 2006. I won't give the name out, but suffice it to say, it earned its one star rating.

This time Lizzie has made reservations for the Flagship Fantasy Resort, which is a 3.5 star Atlantic City hotel, which does not have a casino, but is on the boardwalk and within walking distance(I will let you know for sure) of the major Atlantic City boardwalk casinos such as Trump, Caesars, and others.

We have arranged to have a room with a queen bed and a queen sofa bed as well, since my brother may be joining us tomorrow evening.

I'll have to send Tripit our Atlantic City travel plans to see if there are any activities that we may be interested in doing.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travel Organizer: Tripit.com

From TechCrunch, Travel Organizer Tripit Goes Social talks about a Tripit.com, which is a site that enables travelers to organize and access their itinerary from anywhere. Since the site made it onto Michael Arrignton's list of Sites I could not live with out, it must be a pretty good resource that Lizzie and I will have to attempt to utilize in future travels.

No matter where you make your reservations, you enter your travel info into the site, and it allows you to access your itinerary from anywhere. It also gives you informations such as weather, restaurants, maps, and events. It also can be insinc with other sites that you use such as Google maps, Flickr, Facebook, and your email. Tripit also lets you compare your travel plans with those of other users. So if some of your contacts use it, you can see when your paths may cross.
I like the idea of being able to access your travel plans from anywhere. This also means we could let family members have access to our travel plans so they will know all the whens and wheres of our travel plans.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Strangest Travel Stories of 2007

I have yet to do my 2007 wrap up post, but I will eventually get to it, as I think it is important to do those types of yearly review posts on a yearly basis. Lizzie's Top Ten list of last year seemed to go over well, so I will be doing that again as well.

This post is just a short little post to let everyone know about the article The Strangest Travel Stories of 2007 from TheIndpendentTraveler.com. Twelve of the strangest travel related stories for the past year are briefly reviewed by Ed Hewit the Features Editor at the Independent Traveler.

My favorite three stories from the list are:
  1. The Miniskirt Menace
  2. But They'll Force You to Wear a Blanket
  3. Congressman Looses Luggage- I can relate to this, but certainly would not go balistic like this guy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eve's Lunch is Open

Zep from Eve's Lunch
Eve's Lunch is now open at their new location of 310 East Johnson Highway in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Eve's Lunch as I last posted was relocating to the newer Norristown location, way back towards the beginning of summer 2007. Finally just after the New Year they are re-opened serving those delicious zeps. Check out the Eve's Lunch post I did on Thegrubhound, and watch the Eve's Lunch Viddler video as well.