Monday, July 16, 2007

Eve's Lunch

Eve's Lunch so it seems is still in the process of moving. The hyper link goes to the Eve's Lunch site. I called the phone number on the site 610-277-6600 and the message said they will be opening around the third or fourth week in July.

Lizzie and I were in the mood for a Zep on the third, when we scheduled a business meeting at Eves, but had to relocate to Houlihan's in Plymouth Meeting...not quite the same.
Anyway, hope Eve's is up and making those fabulous Zeps which according to Eve's Lunch site are made of "provolone cheese, cooked salami, tomatoes, onions, oil and oregano. Unlike, the hoagie it has no lettuce and only one type of meat."

And don't forget the famous Conshohocken rolls....

When they open, hope to see you at Eve's for Lunch.

First post were I wrote about Eve's Lunch was entitled Cheese Steak Again. Yes I know, a Zep is not a cheese steak.

I tried to send them an email via the email on the site, and it was bounced back. I also was going to leave a message on the phone, but the voice mail box is was full.

Update: 11/7/2007 called the number and the message says that Eve's Lunch is still closed due to delays beyond their control. My mouth is still watering in anticipation of a Zep.

Update:1/8/2008 Eve's Lunch is now open and serving those wonderful sandwiches. Check out the Eve's Lunch post on Thegrubhound by clicking the previous link.

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Anonymous said...

Hi...I work at Eve's and hopefully we will be open in mid September at our new place on Johnson Hwy. See you there.