Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cheese Steak Again

Had another trip to Philly last weekend, this time for an art show at the Pa Academy of Fine Arts due to a very fine artist whose work was in the show. Quite an exhibit. Did not have nearly enough time to view all the fine artists works due to a lame foot and empty stomachs. Ended up at the Independence Brew Pub again. Lizzie had a pizza, I had a chees steak for the second time that day, and out other companion, Sam had Fried shrimp. Not a particularly great meal, but for Cinco De Mayo it was very empty, which was what we were looking for since our first choice of restaurants , Maggiano's of Little Italy was packed and Lizzie was in no mood to wait 45 minutes to an hour. We had been to Maggiano's for several company parties, and have been very pleased. But settled for the Independence Brew Pub, and had an average time. Oh one last thing, Sam ordered a piece of Cheese cake that was huge and Frozen. Took with us along with Lizzie's Pizza.
After dinner, we were torn between catching the train home or finding a room for the three of us. We ended up spending the night at the Marriot, which is a fine hotel. Very friendly staff, and nice beds. Due to not having any clothing though, Sam and I had to venture out to get Lizzie a tshirt to sleep in. Who would know such a task would be so difficult. Everything it seems shut down between 8 and 9, including CVS. So ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe and got Lizzie a $40 Tshirt.
In the morning, we showered and then hopped the train back to Norristown. In Norristown, Lizzie treated me to one of the best sandwiches I have had in quite a while from a place called Eve's Lunch. Eve's does not have a website, but has had reviews. Her phone number is 610-277-6600 with hours of 10am-7pm M-S. The two cheesesteaks I had the previous day were nothing compared to this sandwich. The Sandwich was what is locally known as a Zep, which stands for zepplin due to the shape of the sandwich. The sandwich is basiclly like an Italian but has no lettuce. I am informed that Zeps originated in Norristown. The Zep I had was a Cheese Steak Zep. I did take pictures with my phone, but they just don't do justice to these sandwiches.
Well made it home with a full stomach and new place to eat.

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Anonymous said...

The Italian Zep is Norristown's own creation and is the best sandwich on the planet bar none! If you are ever in the Philadelphia area drive the 20 miles northwest to Norristown to try the zep and judge for yourself! There are many Italian delis and luncheonettes (Italian sandwich shops) to buy a zep but Lou's Steak and Zep Shop and Eve's Deli are the best!