Friday, April 21, 2006

Philly Cheese Steak

We have been critizied. Sam says we never go any where, so why do you have a travel blog. Well I guess everyone has to start somewhere. It also wouldn't be the best to leave to travel with a house full of kids. So we travel as much as a middle aged couple with kids can. Our most recent over night trip was to Philedelphia. Actually we had two separate trips to Philly. And neither time I believe did we have a Cheese steak. Although I hear they are suppose to be tremendous. I did have one yesterday from the only pizzeria in Oaks, PA. Oaks is about 45 minutes from Philly, or 10 minutes from Valley Fordge. (great bike riding) Actually was a chicken cheese steak with peppers. Sandwiches come either 12" or 18". HMMM. Thankfully I work not too far from their so I can eat them at least weekly. If you get to Oaks, the pizzereia is off of 422 heading into Oaks on the left just past the underpass. Great selection of pizza slices also. Oh they are closed on Monday.

Back to our Philly trips. On the first trip, we took Lizzie's daughter to Philly for a night. I had a business meeting in the evening, so it was convient for me to stay there. The two girls went and had dinner at the Independence Brew Pub by the Reading Terminal Market. Lizzie and I have eaten there numerous times. Quite a nostalgic place. It is quite the hang out on weekends, with several bars and pool tables up stairs. Ah , ya gotta love it...Independent label fresh brew beer and pool....hmmmmm....Homer would be in paradise. Not that Lizzie and her daughter had any beer. Then they went back to the hotel and watched tv in the comfort of their Hilton Gardens hotel, a very fine 3 star hotel. They treat Lizzie jr like a skittles. I on the other hand had to make my way from the Hilton Gardens to Cherry Hill, NJ which was very accessble via rt 30. The following morning we made out way down to the Reading Terminal Market and had an unremarkable breakfast at the dinner that was located inside the market.

I then left the two laddies to wander around Philly, while I went to my sons Reading Junior Royals finals. What a remarkable game it was indeed. My sons team came in first for the tournament and the season. 4 games that weekend, of which all three were amazing. The boys lost one and won 3, and due to the Delaware Ducks team coming in second they placed first. The finals where at held at the Hatfield arena, which is great because of the wonderful cosy seats. Usually these cold arenas have cold metal bleechers.

While my sons team was winning the playoffs, the girls were busy walking and shopping in China town. Lizzie managed to find an Astro Boy wallet( she loves Astro Boy) She also bought a few little things for the boys. They then hopped a train to meet me in Ambler. This in itself was a treat for Lizzie's daugher.
The second trip, involved taking two of Lizzies sons to Philly. We got to Philly on Saturday morning, checked in to our four star Loews hotel room, and then headed out to Philly. The rooms were adequate, but the staff was really friendly and helpful. Also, if you want to bring your cats or dog, Loews is pet friendly. The bed however, needed a little help. Not quite the memory foam I am used to sleeping on. My back was in terrible shape for the next entire week or so.

Went to the terminal market and checked out the shops. Went back to the hotel and took a nap, paid a 10 fee each to use their luxurious health facilities. Quite a nice hotel gym. If you feel like being pampered and are willing to pay the extra fees, this is quite a nice little spa. Then after napping, we headed to South Street for dinner. We ate at Johnny Rockets, a little diner that is a 1950 ice cream shop type restaurant . Great shakes, and a fun atmosphere make this a great place to bring kids.
After dinner, we walked around a bit more checking out the various South Street shops, then caught a taxi back to the hotel. We all ordered room service and watched a movie.
The next morning we got up, checked out and walked around in search of breakfast. Numerous places that Lizzie had jaunted as a college student were visited, but ended up at Little Pete's diner. Nice breakfast. Not sure if it had a bath room.
After breakfast, we ambled around the shops in Philly(tower records and others) then headed back to Boyertown.

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