Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend vistas

A very mello Weekend for Lizzie. Friday she went out for dinner after having gone to Otts exotic plants nursery. Wow what a lot of strange plants. It's like a trip to a rain forest. And evan more unbelievable is the fact that they dont have a web site. Their facilities are definitely web worthy.
Then Lizzie and I headed out in search of an outstanding meal. Several places we stopped at were very crowded so ended up at a pub, called Ortino's Northside. To be fair, Lizzie and I both had salads, so we don't think we had a great sample of their faire. The portions were ample though, and the food of the other patrons looked very appetizing. The wine and beer selection was very respectable. Will have to make another trip.
Lizzie went out with her good friend on Saturday, and visited the American Grill in Collegeville, not once, but twice in the same evening. Hmm must be good food. All I know, the desert is quite tasty.
Then on Sunday, Lizzie visited the Cold Stone outside of Coventry. We never go away hungry from that place. Lizzie and I would have shared, but she likes chocolate a little too much for me, and the Boston Cream was just calling my name.
And that was the end of Lizzies weekend. But fear not, trips are on the horizon.

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