Monday, July 31, 2006

Red Horse Lake, Ontario

Red Horse Lake is located in the Heart 1000 Islands area of Ontario, about half an hour from the "CANADIAN GATEWAY TO THE THOUSAND ISLANDS", Gananoque, which is a charming little town off of the St. Lawrence River. Lizzy and I(surprisingly) made the journey to Red Horse Lake on Friday evening after work. At only a 5 hour drive from the Philadelphia area, it is a great place to visit for a vacation.
Lizzie had planned on making the trip early Saturday morning to visit her parents and daughter who were vacationing there for two weeks. She had also planned on taking several of her sons. I was planning on spending the entire weekend with my own kids. However, plans changed, and none of the boys wanted to go when it was time to leave. Also, she had changed her mind about the departure time and decided to leave Friday after work instead of Saturday morning. I changed my plans because I did not want her to make the trip by herself and I saw the disappointed look on her face when the boys cancelled. A decision I am thankful I made, because I look forward to making the trip to Red Horse Lake again.

The above picture is Lizzie sitting on an Adirondack Chair on the cottage porch looking out at Red horse Lake mid Saturday morning.

Red Horse LakeTrip Events

  • Departed Boyertown 645pm
  • Slices of Pizza from Pasea mio in Allentown
  • 1130pm Watertown...Gassed up at the Sunoco
  • midnight Canada
  • 1245am Shawmere Cottages, Red Horse Lake, Ontario
  • 8am discovered sleeping
  • 830am Breakfast
  • 10am trip to Gan
  • 1230 Boat ride on the Red Horse Lake
  • 5pm Slaw dogs with Dixie Slaw
  • 8pm Trip to Thousand Islands Charity Casino:-(
  • 1100 back at camp in bed
  • 730am up with the Loons
  • Coffee and walk by the lake
  • Breakfast at Twist Outlet Major Gas store(funny name, but good breakfast)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wake-Forest Return Trip

We had a good time. It is now morning on Sunday and we are packing up and getting ready to go home. Very restful trip.
Ate at Cities Bar and Grill last night...Lizzie said she had some of the Best Crab Cakes she has had, and the best she has had in Winston-Salem(she did have them at all three restaurants). I had the small 12 0z prime rib, which melted in my mouth. Tom had a Filet Mignon Neptune, which is a Filet Mignon with three grilled shrip with Bernaise sauce. He said it was the best meal he has ever had to date, and the best restaurant he has ever been to.
On another tanget went wine shopping last night and found one of Lizzies favorite wines...Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon...was unable to find the famous gate.
Well got to go, Lizzie is getting cranky due to hunger. Will finish review later.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Returning to Wake Forest University

Lizzie and I will be returning to Wake Forest for a parents weekend next Friday and leaving on Sunday. Lizzie made reservations via for The Marriott Courtyard near the University. Hopefully we will get some time to go out into Winston-Salem to site see, but we may have many events scheduled for us by the camp. We are also taking our bikes to ride around campus and any bike trails that we may find.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calling Cards

Some time ago, when we were going to Whistler, we had been talking to a bartender who works at the airport. She had been on vacation in Europe with her daughter, and her daughter made some phone calls with her cell phone. Low and behold our bartender got a surprise when her phone bill came. The roaming charges were amazing. I guess her daughter had been talking to her boyfriend a little too long. Anyway, I am wondering why people don't just use International Calling cards as their emergency communications back up when on vacation. These calling cards are really cheap. Take for example the International calling cards from, which I have discussed on Network of Sites: Affiliate Programs to Develop a Network of Sites. When you search for calling cards to call from Germany to the US, rates vary from about half a cent per minute to 61 cents per minute. Rates vary due to amounts of minutes being purchased, service charges such as connection fees, and types of phones being used. Had our bartender gotten one of these for her daughter, she would have not only saved money, but prevented the shock from an excessively high cell phone bill.