Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wake-Forest Return Trip

We had a good time. It is now morning on Sunday and we are packing up and getting ready to go home. Very restful trip.
Ate at Cities Bar and Grill last night...Lizzie said she had some of the Best Crab Cakes she has had, and the best she has had in Winston-Salem(she did have them at all three restaurants). I had the small 12 0z prime rib, which melted in my mouth. Tom had a Filet Mignon Neptune, which is a Filet Mignon with three grilled shrip with Bernaise sauce. He said it was the best meal he has ever had to date, and the best restaurant he has ever been to.
On another tanget went wine shopping last night and found one of Lizzies favorite wines...Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon...was unable to find the famous gate.
Well got to go, Lizzie is getting cranky due to hunger. Will finish review later.


donk.usa said...

Wake-Forrest trip again will be made by Lizzie and Adam in two more weeks. They will be going via NJ and then Frediricksburg,VA. Will post the specifics soon.

donk.usa said...

Last trip to Wake-Forrest
Making an emergency trip to Wake-Forrest today. We had planned on leaving later on in the week, but due to unforeseeable events, we need to go earlier. None of the side excursions of the last two trips, down and back marrathon run. We had also made some hotel reservations for the planned trip, since we were planning on leaving Wed, and getting to Wake-Forrest by Saturday. Oh well. Will have to reschedule the trip for the first week in August if possible.