Monday, November 17, 2008

Waves Outer Banks

Our Waves Outer Banks trip was very relaxing. Being it was the out of season time, not much was happening. Many days I would go out onto the beach and be the only person for miles. Prior to our getting in OBX, there had been a storm that had washed a bit of the beach away and left a ledge that went for almost the entire length of the beach. It made for some interesting walks to say the least. Below is one of the videos I made of me playing on the beach.
as much too cold to go in..I did wade in ankle deep several times, but that was about it.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Outer Banks in November

The lovely Outer Banks is then next location where we will be venturing to in the not to distant future. Lizzie has a friend who is a Fireman(oops fireperson) in Chicago who invited us to hang with here and her husband for a little vacation. They are actually waiting to make reservations due to possible work obligations that could potentially show up between now and then.

Since November is not the peak season in the Outer Banks, finding a sweet deal should not be a problem.
Lizzie recommends staying out of the huge touristy areas like Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills and the like. She always likes to stay in the smaller communities like Salvo or Avon or any of the other smaller communities on Hatteras Island.

As the time for the trip approaches, and during the trip, I am sure I will be completing a few more posts of our Outer Banks trip.

Past Outer Banks Trips

Here are a few of the posts I did about some of our past Outer Banks trips.