Friday, June 23, 2006

Winston-Salem, NC-Wake Forest University

Travel Blog for Winston-Salem,NC trip from Boyertown, PA and back. Kept a hand written journal in the car. Listed events such as radio stations listened to and stops we took.

  1. 555am-Harrisburg- Pa Turnpike- 96.1WSOX with the greates hits of all time- oldies
  2. Lizzy got hungry at 66.1 miles into the trip.
  3. Reminder( add Argentos Cheese Steak toCheese Steak list –Huge and tasty)
  4. 97.3 WRVV The River outside of Harrisburg
  5. 608am called my dad, wished happy fathers day-woke him up—oops
  6. 630am got off Carlisle and ate at McDonalds(103 miles), well ordered and ate in car. I had a Mc Griddle egg,ham and cheese…very tasty and so unnutritious. Lizzy bought… total bill $11.30
  7. Got $10 at Texaco off of the Carlisle turnpike exit-2.73/gallon-no receipt
  8. Then got on 81S, using first Carlisle ramp.Turned the off radio at 720am
  9. Oh, got a Sunday Sentinel at the Texaco. Back in the late 70's my brother and I were newspaperboys for the Sentinel.
  10. Found out and later heard on NPR radio that the US Soccer team tied Italy last night. Apparently the goal was an accident. However, US had made another goal, but for some reason it was not counted. The US did not make it out of the first stage. They lost two and tied one by luck.Check the scores here. One year the US will get over its idea that American Football is so great, and acutally take itself seriously in the World Cup Soccer arena.
  11. 759am-101.5 Classic Rock-Hagerstown MD.-Greencastle
  12. 748am 155.9miles-Steppenwolf: "Born to be Wild"
  13. 168miles West Va, 70 mph speed limit. Passing Falling Waters at 821am,
  14. 194.2 miles bus blog.... travel the states looking at and perhaps eventually buy a vw bus. Find em on ebay or else were.. travel to see conjunction with a Travel Blog
  15. Who sings Sister Christian..motoring…whats your price for flight…finding Mr. Right”....Answer is...Night Ranger
  16. 840am 105.5FM 215.5 miles Queen “you’re my best friend”
  17. 842am passed exit 30 off of 81S mile marker 300.5
  18. Shanedoah Valley golf club charitycharity fund raiser event on radio
  19. Where to go next winter? Banff…will need passport. Oh pretty sure we are going to go to Las Vegas in November...must make it a yearly us there in November...check back here for further updates.
  20. 902am 88.3fm USA radio network news
  21. 945am , 289.7 miles 93.1fm MIX
  22. 955am, 98.5 fm,301.4 miles1001am
  23. 94.3 ‘the Cars” are on the radio again, 307.2 miles Harrsonburg Star 94
  24. Nice farm off of Interstate highway 81 Mile marker 331.5
  25. 1030 am-342 miles into trip "Hey What Can I Do" by Zepplin 94.3fm
  26. 1039am the station is fading, 353.3 miles into trip
  27. Got off highway and wen to Shell Foodmart at exit 171 maybe-Arcadia. Bought $28 in gas at 2.85 a gallon. I got a Vanilla Moonpie and a Power Aide. Lizzy go Pizzeria Combos and Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies(one of her favorites). Tom, Lizzie's third son who we are taking to camp, got Pizzalisious Pringles;5 packs of gum:3 Hubba Bubba,1 sour wringlies, 1 Juicy fruit;and 1 Dorritos cracker pack.
  28. 1055am-352 miles-Traffic jam at 166.2 milemarker. When we passed there was wreckage strewn all over the side of the was a nasty wreck.
  29. 1107am-1620am radio report accident on 81S at milemarker 165
  30. 1107am-96.3fm-"Fat Bottom Girls" on ROV the Rock of VA
  31. 1120am moving again
  32. 1136am searching radio channels
  33. 1137am 101.5 fm oldies 372 miles into trip, mile marker 146
  34. 1208pm 406 miles into trip channel surfing
  35. came across station 90.7fm which was playing some real funky stuff
  36. 1210pm 96.3fm 408 miles- George Thurogood " One Burbon, One Scotch..."
  37. 1218 off highway exit 101 Claytor State Park and went to Taco Bell - 14.72 for lunch:Chalupa, taco Salad and Nachos Grande. Then had two Choco Tacos for 2.92.
  38. Tom won an Underdog doll in one of those crane games. Lizzy (oops another mistake) always touts that her kids are so talented at those crane games.
  39. 1246 Back on ther road after lunch
  40. 1252pm-424 Miles into the trip radio is off.
  41. 1257pm- radio is back on 96.3fm
  42. 104pm- passing ramp to 77S
  43. 120pm-98.7Fm-464 miles Pink Floyd song on radio
  44. 135pm-470.7 miles back up to 70MPH and in North Carolina
  45. Had a Kudzu siting
  46. 138pm-476 miles-I74E-Almost there
  47. 220pm- 515 miles- Wake Forest-Yea
  48. 4pm-Drop off at Wake Forest and make our way to La Quinta Travels of Lizzie Bean: Winston-Salem, NC-Wake Forest University

Did eat at Jimmy's Oyster Bar... it was fine, nothing special though...the oysters were tasty. However, prior to going there, we went next door to the hotel to the Village Tavern and had some fine appetizers and cocktails. Bruchetta was quite tasty. The menu looked very good, but I had my heart set on oysters...perhaps when whe go back to pick up Tom.

La Quinta is a very nice hotel. The swimming pool is quite extrodinary for a hotel pool, and the continental breakfast was by far one of the best continental breakfasts we have eaten. The beds were very cozy and the rooms were very spacious. Overall the experience at La Quinta was favorable and we would stay there again.

In the morning after the continental breakfast, we began our journey home.

  1. 9:27 leaving La Quinta
  2. Pilot Mountain State looking mountain
  3. 1009am...Tom called from camp...having fun, wants to stay two more weeks.
  4. 10:21am..entering VA 55.6 miles into return trip
  5. 10:2am exit 84 Grahams ford ..8.78 gallons..Kangaroo Gas...2.61/gal....23.01
  6. 10.59am back on the road
  7. 1:03pm...Mint Spring, exit217, 224 miles into the trip. Got off highway for lunch. First went to a little deli in search of slaw dogs. The owner advised me to try the truck stop across the highway, since they do a lot of business with truckers. The deli also had Eavers Classic Cars and Collectibles Museum which has Elvis Presley's last Cadillac and many other classic cars. A nice stop for classic car enthusiasts. Ended up eating at the Subway on the other side of the highway. The highlite of my lunch was not the company of the young family with 5 children, but the taste of the FlatHead Lake Monster Granny-Apple soda I drank...quite tasty indeed. The bottles are really cool looking...almost Sobe esque. Apparently there is a legend about Flat Head lake...guess I should read up about it on their site.
  8. Back on road after eating
  9. 3:02pm Robert, Lizzies oldes son, called to ask if he could take a shower...LOL
  10. Briefly listened to 94.3fm, but decided to listen to Fine Young Cannibals instead.
  11. 3:18pm...332 miles WVA
  12. 3:37 off highway for an excursion of smashing results...
  13. 4:02pm 359.2 miles Maryland
  14. Phoenix Color company...what do they do? Printing company according to Google.
  15. 4:13pm...371.4 miles we enter PA
  16. 4:58pm..419 miles..we get off of 81 on York Rd to make our way to Little Johns, a Carlise Restaurant, to have dinner with my dad and step Mom. Lizzie had the same thing she had the night befor, Crab cakes, which she said were really good. I had the Portabella pasta...which was just as good the next day for lunch. Pieces of portabella over pasta with a soy sauce, with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes thrown in for color. We were really full, so we didn't have desert, but I am told they have a really good Conconut Cream Pie.
  17. 5:55pm...back on 81 for a short section...just getting off at the last Carlisle exit and then getting on the PA turnpike. An hour and a half later, we are back in Boyertown.

An uneventful trip for the most part, but a nice little get away. Have to plan for next months return trip to pick up Tom. Lizzie says she wants to stay some where closer to Wake Forest University.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Winston-Salem, NC-Wake Forest University

Next weekend, Lizzie Bean will be venturing to Wake Forest University, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for a summer camp participant drop off. For one night Lizzie will be staying at La Quinta Inn & Suites located off of Griffith Road in Winston-Salem, NC. I am trying to talk her into going to Jimmy's Oyster Bar for dinner on the 18th. She isn't crazy about oysters, but does love seafood...I heard Jimmy's has great seafood. We shall see if the concierge at La Quinta recommends it.
Lizzie made reservations online with She had compared prices on and as well, but her final purchase for this trip was with and La Quinta. Of all the hotels in Winston-Salem, La Quinta had the best customer reviews. If there is not a rating scale available, which was the case here, Lizzie uses customer reviews to make her travel plans.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Brunswick, Home of Rutgers State University of New Jersey

Following the Anniversary party of the previous post, Lizzie and I headed off to the Hyatt Regency located in New Brunswick, NJ the home of Rutgers State University of New Jersey. The Hyatt is located minutes from the NJ Turnpike, walking distance to the town and the University. Lizzie and I were actually unaware of the fact that Rutgers is located in the town. We actually thought that Princeton was close by.
Upon checking into the hotel, we got our suits on and went down to the pool, but due to a load of baseball players in the pool we decided to seek other entertainment. We went back up to the room, changed and went to the Drafts Pick Sports Bar and recieved some great dining advice from our bartender. We then left the hotel for the restaurants off of George Street, where we decided to follow our bartender and conceirges advice, and chose to eat at Old Man Rafferty's. Love that place. Any place thathas a philosophy statement of " life is uncertain... eat dessert first" is a place after my own heart. Just when I thought the deserts could not get any better, we found Old Man Rafferty's. I think they were teasing us when they sat us around the corner from all the deserts. If the meal we had, had not been so good, it would have been considered torture. Lizzie had a scrumtuous Grilled Veggie Pizza or at least she had a quarter of it. I followed the advice of our bartender again and got a bowl of the Famous Tomato Basil Soup. If tomato soup tasted like that when I was a kid, I would have eaten it every day. I also had the Italian Country Salad, which unfortuneatley more that filled me up. Unfortuneately because, I was so full I could not eat my own desert. Should have taken their advice and ate it first. Lizzie, however, indulged in a piece of Brownie Delight Cheesecake, which she alloud me to taste. Every bit as good as the previous posts cheesecake.
Now all we need to do is plan anther excursion to New Brunswick so we can feast at Old Man Rafferty's.

Mastoris Fine Dining- Bordentown, NJ

Had an anniversary party to attend this past weekend at Mastoris, a fine dining restaurant. I am not sure if it is coincidence, but the cheese cake in New Jersey is soo good. Mastoris and The Clinton Diner had the best Cheese cake I have had up until that time. The anniversary party was for Lizzie's Cousins parents 50th wedding anniversary. Once the surprised bride and groom arrived, we began a splendid meal which began with two different kinds of bread - cinnamon bread and cheese bread. Then there was salad, followed by pencil tips( a type of pasta), soup, the main course. As unbelievable as it was, their were more than 5 choices of main courses to choose from. I had veal marsala and Lizzie had a shrimp salad. After the main course, we were treated to a fabulous wedding cake, that the lightest tasting icing. Following all the food, the kids showed a home made movie of chronologic photos of their parents lives. Quite interesting to see how the fashions have changed.
Then upon leaving Mastoris, we stoped off at their bakery and purchased a heavenly slice of Cheese Cake.
Overall, it was quite a pleasant dining experience. The kids did a splendid job with the festivities.