Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Brunswick, Home of Rutgers State University of New Jersey

Following the Anniversary party of the previous post, Lizzie and I headed off to the Hyatt Regency located in New Brunswick, NJ the home of Rutgers State University of New Jersey. The Hyatt is located minutes from the NJ Turnpike, walking distance to the town and the University. Lizzie and I were actually unaware of the fact that Rutgers is located in the town. We actually thought that Princeton was close by.
Upon checking into the hotel, we got our suits on and went down to the pool, but due to a load of baseball players in the pool we decided to seek other entertainment. We went back up to the room, changed and went to the Drafts Pick Sports Bar and recieved some great dining advice from our bartender. We then left the hotel for the restaurants off of George Street, where we decided to follow our bartender and conceirges advice, and chose to eat at Old Man Rafferty's. Love that place. Any place thathas a philosophy statement of " life is uncertain... eat dessert first" is a place after my own heart. Just when I thought the deserts could not get any better, we found Old Man Rafferty's. I think they were teasing us when they sat us around the corner from all the deserts. If the meal we had, had not been so good, it would have been considered torture. Lizzie had a scrumtuous Grilled Veggie Pizza or at least she had a quarter of it. I followed the advice of our bartender again and got a bowl of the Famous Tomato Basil Soup. If tomato soup tasted like that when I was a kid, I would have eaten it every day. I also had the Italian Country Salad, which unfortuneatley more that filled me up. Unfortuneately because, I was so full I could not eat my own desert. Should have taken their advice and ate it first. Lizzie, however, indulged in a piece of Brownie Delight Cheesecake, which she alloud me to taste. Every bit as good as the previous posts cheesecake.
Now all we need to do is plan anther excursion to New Brunswick so we can feast at Old Man Rafferty's.

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