Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cheap Flights and Holiday Packages from Expedia Australia

I was asked to do a review of's Australian site. Checking out the Australian version of, I can barely tell that I am not on the US version. At, just like on the US site, you can create an account and maintain your itineraries. I also like the fact that the Australian site has Australian Travel Blog, unlike the domestic site which does not.

Much like the American site, the Australian Expedia also has lots of info about getting cheap flights from and to Australian airports such as Adelaide,Brisban,Melbourn,Perth,or Sydney. For example, I found a round way trip between Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand for AU$459.88. Sounds pretty cheap for a 2000 mile flight. Within Australia, the flights are even cheaper. For example, I found a really cheap round trip flight to Sydney from Adelaide, Australia for under Au$150.

In addition to all the cheap flights you can find on Expedia Australia, you can also purchase holiday packages that include both travel and accomodations. I know making holiday travel plans can be a real challenge, but if you go to, you can do it all in one place. Wow, I just found a package that includes 7 nights and airfair to Hawaii for under au$2000. That would surely be a sweet holiday package.

All this talk about Australia has me thinking about finding an Australian holiday package. Hmm, I wonder if there are any cheap flights from Philadelphia to Sydney?

Saddle Brook Marriott

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending a wedding that took place just inside the NY state line with the reception at the Tides Estate in North Haeldon NJ. The wedding guests were housed at the Saddle Brook Marriott, which sadly was undergoing some major renovations. I felt really sorry for the bride, since the Marriott staff assured her that the construction would be completed way before her wedding. I hope they compensate her for the inconvenience, which included:
  • Guests were limited to use of one elevator.
  • The hotel bar and restaurant were set up in small conference rooms.
Other than these two major problems, the accomodations were great. The rooms were very lavish and comfortable. I found the selection of provided toiletries was great(nice smelling lotion), and the bathrooms had

Oh, one major peeve I have is that the Wifi at the Marriott was not free, and it was a travesty of a connection at that.