Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Beach at Avon,NC

Avon, NC Beach house

Avon, NC is a nice little beach town, with one main road, and many little off shoots. The main road has most of the businesses on it, and the off shoots have all the houses. The Atlantic ocean is on one side and the sound is on the other. From our top porch, we are able to see both the sound and the Atlantic.

Beach Sand Dune- Avon, NC

Upon arrival, we were unable to gain access to our house due to its not being ready and a check in time after 5pm. So we drove around during the hottest day we have had since we have been here. We headed south on rt 12 and left town and once we were out of town, proceeded to turn around. When turning around, we decided to go and check out the ocean. Everyone except Lizzie ended up going in with what they had on. Their was a lot of sea weed, and cars were parked on the beach. Lizzie was worried that cars would be on the beach the whole time. I eased her fears by telling her that this is outside the city limits, so they will not be allowed on the beaches withing the city limits. I was right.

So about 5pm, we loaded our wet selves back into the cars(the cars reek) and went to see if we could check in. Lizzie went in and came out with a frown on her face. With time to spare, we decided to go and visit the Dairy Queen we passed at the beginning of town. Just gotta love DQ. After DQ we came back and were then able to check in to hour beach house.

We unpacked and ordered two pizzas from Ninos pizza, since Lizzy had eaten there on a prior trip. Very good pizza. Inspite of the eagerness to go back to the beach, we were way too tired to go to the beach again. Lizzy and I went to bed about 9pm.

The next day, Sunday, we got to the beach at about 1030am- 1pm, then again for several hours after 5pm. Moderate waves. Lizzy made hamburgers.

Monday began the over cast weather. Monday thru Wed it was over cast, but inspite of the weather, we made it to the beach every day atleast one time if not twice.

Monday afternoon when the kids initially went to the beach without us, Lizzie and I went shopping. I was looking for some NewSkin for a hole that was developing in my foot. Once we located the towns pharmacy, I discovered they were out of it, so we headed over to the hardware store for the next best thing, Duct tape.

We also stopped off at Deep Blue gift shop and bought gifts for those who did not come and a few for those who did. I got a new swim suit because the only one I had was for a swimming pool, and the mesh netting served to collect the granular ocean sand. Both times I wore it, when taking the suit off, I deposited atleast a pound of debris on the floor. This also made for some extreme discomfort for me...ouchy.

After the hardware store, Lizzy and I stopped for lunch at Toppers Pizza and Pasta. Lizzie had a black olive onion personal pan pizza. I had a chicken cheese steak, that was not a Philly Cheese steak, but it was quite delicious in its own right. Not Norristown bread, but still quite good. I would eat it again.

The best day of the week for the beach while we were there, I would have to say was Friday. It was in the mid to high 80's, and very calm. Upon waking in the Am there was not a cloud in the sky. The waves at the beach were coming in at a decent rate, atleast good enough for a few good bodyboard rides. More than one wave was able to slam me down into the sandy beach. Also noticed a number of people riding skim boards into the waves.

We had bought a skim board at Connors Supermarket, a grocery store located in Buxton for $8-quite a bargain. Too bad none of us could use it. I guess we gave up a little to easily. I for one was not even able to get on it. Perhaps next time I will take some lessons. Not sure I want to take skim board lessons. Pretty sure I would rather take regular surfing lessons.


We did manage to dine at several restaurants while vacationing with the crew.

  • The first other than Sonic or Dairy Queen(yes there is a DQ) was Topper's Pizza and Pasta were Lizzie and I had lunch. Nice place that had a cool picture that Lizzie liked.
  • Mack Daddy's Seafood Grill& Raw Bar was the next place we visited. Actually took the whole gang out here for dinner one night. They put down a sheet of paper that covers the whole table, so the kids were able to let their creative juices flow. Should have gotten some pics of their creations. So Mack Daddy's gets a thumbs up for a family type atmosphere. Lizzie and I woulld also give them a thumbs up for their wine selection. The Red Truck wine was quite tasty, so much so that we got a bottle at the Village Grocery Store. All of the food was awsome, to include the frog legg apetizer and the deserts. Loved the Creme Brule.
  • We also had pizza from Nino's Pizza, since Lizzie had eaten there before.
  • We also ate pizza again at Island Pizza and Steam Bar located in Waves in the St. Waves Plaza. Great gormet pizza. The waitress we had here, had been working at Mack Daddy's the previous night when we were there. She said she remembered us and that they had saved one of the kids drawings and put on the wall. Will have to get them to send me a pic of it.
  • Uncle Eddy's Frozen Custard in Buxton. Lizzie and I ate here twice. Once with the kids and once without. They have this one treat that is like a blizzard, but not a blizzard. You can get as many ingredients in it as you would like.
  • Fat Cat Ice Cream in Avon.

We really did not eat out that much. With six of us, it became very expensive to eat out. We manly ate pre planned meals. This was ideal since our house came with a complete kitchen.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Driving to Avon, NC

The Avon trip began 45 minutes later than planned. Lizzie told me to set the alarm, I did, but she didn't tell me to turn it on. David woke us up 20 minutes after 4am and asked if we were leaving. Well we got up and and got into the prepacked cars and we were on our way. Stopped on the way at a WaWa for gas, coffee and a couple of bagels. The kids were all asleep, so it was just Lizzie and I, although we were in two separate cars. The drive was pretty uneventful: I do recall arriving in VA at 830 am. We also passed two Sonic restaurants, but did not stop.


When the kids woke up, I told them we passed several Sonics and they flipped. One of David's friends is giving away 1 million meat on a KOL(an online game) for the first person to get a picture of themselves infront of a Sonic sign. The kids woke up when we stopped for a bathroom break in VA. Thankfully, because I really needed a co-pilot to keep from getting lost. A true shock came when we came to the bridge to cross the Chesapeake bay- twelve dollars..holy hanna. But halfway across we came to the conclusion that there price was just and would have been acceptable to ask 20. About 30minutes later after two tunnels and two long sections of bridge we made it to the other side. My two passengers made it through both tunnels without breathing. On the other side the two teens began groaning from hunger, so we began to look for some grub. As we came around a turn, to their surprise, there was another Sonic.
So we stopped and had a delicious meal.

Sonic Brandi

We even got two frisbees from our server, Brandi, because we were so enthusiastic. We are continually seeing the commercials, but have none in our area. I have heard they are only in ten states.
After chowing we were on our way. Within an hour and half, we were in Avon, but unable to get into our beach house.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Avon, NC- Outer Banks

Lizzie and the gang will be traveling to Avon, NC next week. Did some research and apparently Avon is known for its wind surfing and para sailing. Lizzie will have to take some lessons. Driving directions from Boyertown, Pa:

Turn right onto the PA-100 S ramp to Pottstown - go 4.7 mi
4.7 mi
5 mins
409.5 mi
(10h 36m)
5.6 mi
(8m 33s)
Bear right at PA-100 - go 1.7 mi
1.7 mi
2 mins
404.8 mi
(10h 30m)
7.3 mi
(10m 53s)
Continue on Pottstown Pike - go 13 mi
13 mi
20 mins
403.1 mi
(10h 28m)
20.3 mi
(34m 29s)
Bear right at N Pottstown Pike - go 4.9 mi
4.9 mi
7 mins
390.1 mi
(10h 4m)
25.2 mi
(42m 20s)
Bear right at Pottstown Pike - go 0.8 mi
0.8 mi
1 min
385.2 mi
(9h 56m)
26.0 mi
(43m 37s)
Continue on PA-100 S - go 2.2 mi
2.2 mi
2 mins
384.4 mi
(9h 55m)
28.1 mi
(46m 28s)
Bear right into the US-202 S entry ramp - go 3.0 mi
3.0 mi
3 mins
382.3 mi
(9h 52m)
31.1 mi
(50m 21s)
Continue on West Chester Byp - go 0.8 mi
0.8 mi
1 min
379.3 mi
(9h 48m)
31.8 mi
(51m 34s)
Take the Wilmington Pike ramp - go 0.4 mi
0.4 mi
378.5 mi
(9h 47m)
32.2 mi
(52m 20s)
Bear right at Wilmington Pike - go 4.5 mi
4.5 mi
8 mins
378.2 mi
(9h 46m)
36.7 mi
(1h 2m)
Continue on Wilmington West Chester Pike - go 3.0 mi
3.0 mi
5 mins
373.6 mi
(9h 37m)
39.7 mi
(1h 7m)
Continue on Concord Pike - go 5.0 mi
5.0 mi
7 mins
370.6 mi
(9h 31m)
44.7 mi
(1h 16m)
Bear right into the I-95 S entry ramp to Delaware Memorial Bridge/Baltimore - go 8.6 mi
8.6 mi
10 mins
365.7 mi
(9h 23m)
53.3 mi
(1h 27m)
Take the SR-1 S/SR-7 S exit 4A to Christiana/Mall Road - go 0.3 mi
0.3 mi
357.1 mi
(9h 11m)
53.6 mi
(1h 28m)
Take the SR-1 S/SR-7 S exit 4A to Christiana/Mall Road - go 1.1 mi
1.1 mi
1 min
356.8 mi
(9h 11m)
54.7 mi
(1h 30m)
Continue on SR-1 S - go 4.3 mi
4.3 mi
5 mins
355.7 mi
(9h 9m)
59.0 mi
(1h 35m)
Bear right at S Dupont Hwy - go 2.3 mi
2.3 mi
3 mins
351.4 mi
(9h 3m)
61.3 mi
(1h 38m)
Continue on SR-1 S - go 35 mi
35 mi
38 mins
349.1 mi
(9h 0m)
96.1 mi
(2h 24m)
Take the US-13 exit 97 to Salisbury/Norfolk - go 2.0 mi
2.0 mi
3 mins
314.3 mi
(8h 14m)
98.1 mi
(2h 27m)
Bear right onto the S Dupont Hwy S ramp - go 317 ft
317 ft
312.3 mi
(8h 11m)
98.1 mi
(2h 27m)
Turn left at S Dupont Hwy S - go 9.5 mi
9.5 mi
11 mins
312.2 mi
(8h 11m)
107.6 mi
(2h 41m)
Continue on S Dupont Hwy - go 12 mi
12 mi
16 mins
302.7 mi
(7h 58m)
119.4 mi
(3h 0m)
Continue on Sussex Hwy - go 15 mi
15 mi
20 mins
291.0 mi
(7h 39m)
134.1 mi
(3h 23m)
Continue on Sussex Hwy S - go 12 mi
12 mi
16 mins
276.3 mi
(7h 15m)
146.1 mi
(3h 43m)
Continue on Ocean Hwy - go 3.7 mi
3.7 mi
5 mins
264.2 mi
(6h 56m)
149.9 mi
(3h 48m)
Take the US-13 S ramp to Norfolk - go 409 ft
409 ft
260.5 mi
(6h 50m)
149.9 mi
(3h 48m)
Take the Salisbury Byp ramp - go 11 mi
11 mi
12 mins
260.4 mi
(6h 50m)
161.2 mi
(4h 3m)
Continue on Ocean Hwy - go 27 mi
27 mi
38 mins
249.2 mi
(6h 35m)
188.3 mi
(4h 49m)
Continue on Charles M Lankford Jr Memorial Hwy - go 92 mi
92 mi
1 hour 58 mins
222.0 mi
(5h 50m)
280.4 mi
(7h 11m)
Take the I-64 E/I-64 W ramp to Chesapeake/Suffolk/Hampton - go 345 ft
345 ft
129.9 mi
(3h 28m)
280.5 mi
(7h 11m)
Take the I-64 E ramp to Chesapeake/Suffolk - go 10 mi
10 mi
12 mins
129.9 mi
(3h 28m)
290.7 mi
(7h 25m)
Take exit 291B to Elizabeth City (VA-104 S)/Dominion Blvd (US-17 S)/(VA-168 S) - go 0.3 mi
0.3 mi
119.7 mi
(3h 14m)
291.0 mi
(7h 25m)
Merge into I-464 S - go 0.3 mi
0.3 mi
119.4 mi
(3h 13m)
291.3 mi
(7h 26m)
Bear left onto the VA-168 S ramp to Nags Head/Manteo - go 14 mi
14 mi
16 mins
119.1 mi
(3h 13m)
305.4 mi
(7h 45m)
Continue on S Battlefield Blvd - go 0.8 mi
0.8 mi
1 min
104.9 mi
(2h 53m)
306.2 mi
(7h 46m)
Bear left at VA-168 S - go 0.8 mi
0.8 mi
1 min
104.1 mi
(2h 52m)
307.0 mi
(7h 48m)
Bear right at VA-168 - go 0.2 mi
0.2 mi
103.4 mi
(2h 51m)
307.2 mi
(7h 48m)
Continue on NC-168 - go 18 mi
18 mi
25 mins
103.1 mi
(2h 50m)
325.5 mi
(8h 17m)
Continue on US-158 - go 3.9 mi
3.9 mi
6 mins
84.8 mi
(2h 21m)
329.4 mi
(8h 25m)
Continue on US-158 - go 24 mi
24 mi
32 mins
81.0 mi
(2h 13m)
353.1 mi
(9h 3m)
Bear right at US-158 - go 0.1 mi
0.1 mi
57.3 mi
(1h 35m)
353.2 mi
(9h 4m)
Continue on N Croatan Hwy - go 1.6 mi
1.6 mi
2 mins
57.2 mi
(1h 35m)
354.7 mi
(9h 6m)
Bear right at US-158 - go 2.4 mi
2.4 mi
3 mins
55.6 mi
(1h 32m)
357.1 mi
(9h 10m)
Continue on W Croatan Hwy - go 1.4 mi
1.4 mi
2 mins
53.2 mi
(1h 28m)
358.5 mi
(9h 13m)
Continue on US-158 - go 3.6 mi
3.6 mi
6 mins
51.9 mi
(1h 26m)
362.1 mi
(9h 20m)
Continue on S Croatan Hwy - go 3.8 mi
3.8 mi
5 mins
48.3 mi
(1h 18m)
365.9 mi
(9h 26m)
Continue on US-158 - go 3.5 mi
3.5 mi
5 mins
44.5 mi
(1h 12m)
369.4 mi
(9h 32m)
Turn left at NC-12 S - go 0.2 mi
0.2 mi
41.0 mi
(1h 7m)
369.5 mi
(9h 32m)
Continue on NC-12 - go 40 mi
40 mi
54 mins
40.8 mi
(1h 6m)
409.9 mi
(10h 37m)
Turn right at Harbor Rd - go 0.5 mi
0.5 mi
1 min
0.5 mi
(1m 22s)
410.4 mi
(10h 38m)
Arrive at Avon, NC 27915

Thats going to be a nice long drive. Two cars and four kids.
Lizzie and I will get out though, we are bringing babysitters.