Saturday, August 19, 2006

Driving to Avon, NC

The Avon trip began 45 minutes later than planned. Lizzie told me to set the alarm, I did, but she didn't tell me to turn it on. David woke us up 20 minutes after 4am and asked if we were leaving. Well we got up and and got into the prepacked cars and we were on our way. Stopped on the way at a WaWa for gas, coffee and a couple of bagels. The kids were all asleep, so it was just Lizzie and I, although we were in two separate cars. The drive was pretty uneventful: I do recall arriving in VA at 830 am. We also passed two Sonic restaurants, but did not stop.


When the kids woke up, I told them we passed several Sonics and they flipped. One of David's friends is giving away 1 million meat on a KOL(an online game) for the first person to get a picture of themselves infront of a Sonic sign. The kids woke up when we stopped for a bathroom break in VA. Thankfully, because I really needed a co-pilot to keep from getting lost. A true shock came when we came to the bridge to cross the Chesapeake bay- twelve dollars..holy hanna. But halfway across we came to the conclusion that there price was just and would have been acceptable to ask 20. About 30minutes later after two tunnels and two long sections of bridge we made it to the other side. My two passengers made it through both tunnels without breathing. On the other side the two teens began groaning from hunger, so we began to look for some grub. As we came around a turn, to their surprise, there was another Sonic.
So we stopped and had a delicious meal.

Sonic Brandi

We even got two frisbees from our server, Brandi, because we were so enthusiastic. We are continually seeing the commercials, but have none in our area. I have heard they are only in ten states.
After chowing we were on our way. Within an hour and half, we were in Avon, but unable to get into our beach house.

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