Monday, April 30, 2007

We're Engaged .... Hawaiian Honeymoon????

We are finally engaged - so, let the honeymoon planning begin! #1 pick for a romantic honeymoon? - HAWAII!!

So, I've just checked out this site: Deep Hawaii - Hawaiian Directory - A Hawaii portal and comprehensive directory of websites. It all looks good!

Lots of planning to do. Never mind the wedding - it's all about the honeymoon.

Perhaps we'll charter a boat...
Hawaii Fishing Charter - Experience heart pounding big game sport fishing. Oahu, Hawaii - with Capt Rusty Spencer: blue marlin, wahoo, mahimahi & yellowfin tuna. Friendly experienced crew aboard well equipped 31-foot Bertram

Kauai Activities and Tours - Kauai fun things to do - An online guide with the best prices on Helicopter tours, Tubing, ziplines, and much more.

Hawaii Vacation - A directory of Hawaii vacation and travel information for the state of Hawaii including Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, and The Big Island.

Kauai Vacation RentalsKauai Vacation Rentals, Condos, Cottages, Homes, Accommodations, and Condo Hotel Resorts available for nightly rentals by owners.

Kauai Condos at Kuhio Shores
Beautiful 1 and 2 Bedroom Oceanfront condo rentals in Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii.

Vacation Rentals, Condos, Homes, and Villas
Vacation Rentals, Condos, Homes, and Villas by Summit Pacific.

Cabo San Lucas
Resorts, Condos, Villas, and Accommodations available for vacation rentals in Los Cabos Mexico.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Make Money Online in Order to Travel

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dreams of Going to Hawaii

What could be better than a Hawaiian vacation! We try and travel as much as possible, in fact whenever time and finances allow - we go away. There a many places we'd love to travel to - but, we know they have to be put on the back burner for the time being. I spend a got bit of time researching places on the Internet of where we can go next. Hawaii is on the top of the list.

I never really thought much about Hawaii, but recently I've come across several websites about Hawaii travel, that have me very curious. Here's a list of some of these sites:

Search the Hawaiian Islands
Big Island Super Guide - It's more like entertainment!

Hawaii Shark Adventures - Hawaii Shark Encounters gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty and excitement sharks in their native waters. Proud partners in a worldwide effort to improve the understanding of sharks.

Maui Homes and Townhouse Rentals - Choose oceanfront or ocean view homes and townhouses that offer the best combination of privacy, comfort and amenities for your Maui vacation as well as easy access to restaurants, shopping, golf courses, beaches and Lahaina Town. View photos and descriptions of the unique features that make our homes special.

Vacation Rentals By Owners

Oahu Travel Guide - Travel guide and planner to the island of Oahu.

Vacation Packages from

I also found a great site for planning my Hawaiian travel -

Always a good idea - Travel Insurance - Obtain cheap annual medical health travel insurance now.

I'm sure we'll get to Hawaii one of these days - hopefully soon. I went to visit my brother in Atlanta recently. He went to Hawaii a few years ago and he's planning another Hawaii vacation for this summer. I asked him about Hawaii and he says everything you see in brochures and magazines that looks so amazing and you couldn't believe that it's really like that (they only photograph the best of Hawaii) - it's even better than it looks. There are private waterfalls, beautiful ocean views and more.

So, I have to start looking for a Hawaiian vacation package soon!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Philadelphia Hotels During the Learning Annex Expo Weekend

Lizzie was in Philadelphia this past weekend for the Real Estate and Wealth Expo at the Convention Center, which was held by the Learning Annex. This consisted of a bunch of Coffee Cup Artspeeches and classes on different investment vehicles. Although Lizzie and I did not buy into any of the packages, we did get a lot of info, and will be exploring some of these investment options in the future, and will be doing some blog post on the Pixelheadonline blog about these financial endeavors.

Lizzie made the arrangements for the weekend back around November, and we were planning on staying overnight only one night. But a friend of Lizzie's wanted to hang out in the city, so a month or so ago, Lizzie made reservation at another hotel, The Club Quarters for Friday night, since our Saturday hotel, The Sofitel Philadelphia had no vacancy. This worked out great, because it gave us the opportunity to review not one but two great Philadelphia hotels.

The Club Quarters Philadelphia

The Club Quarters can be described as a unique hotel with a club like atmosphere, which
specializes in short to long term residential stays for business people. If we had been on an extended stay, our accommodations would have been very acceptable. The only problem that I had, but Lizzie did not was the noise. Our room was on the second floor, and the noise from the street woke me numerous times. But then again I am not a very sound sleeper. But the room was not like any other hotel room that I have ever stayed. The ceiling was height was well over 15 feet high, the windows which stretched to the top of the ceiling were old style arched windows.
The room also had came a small kitchenette, had a fridge, microwave, and coffee maker as well as dishes for warming up meals.
The bathroom was very simple, but very modern and clean.
The bed was ultra comfortable, so much so that in spite of being woken up numerous times by the noise of the city, I was easily able to fall back to sleep.
Lizzie and I would definitely go back to the Philadelphia Club Quarters again. I however, would like to stay on one of the upper floors to see if it would be less noisy.

The Sofitel Hotel

Of the two hotels that we stayed at this past weekend, the Sofitel was by far the better Philadelphia hotel. It was very plush and highly decorated. The bathroom which had both a tub and shower also had French Doors. This makes sense since Sofitel is a French Hotel. While staying the night we(well I did at least)enjoyed watching The Good Shepherd. Lizzie actually was asleep after the first 15 minutes. It might have been a little too boring for her. The next morning, at 8am, we were awoken by the room service who was delivering our morning coffee and juice.
According to Lizzie, the Philadelphia Sofitel was on the same level as the Philadelphia Lowes, which was Lizzie's favorite Hotel of 2006.
In addition to posts in the blog about the Expo, the restaurants that we ate at during the Real Estate Expo weekend will be reviewed by Lizzie on, as well as

Monday, April 16, 2007

Courtyard Marriott - Knoxville, Tenn

Lizzie headed north in the afternoon after stopping off at Atlanta's Varsity for Slaw dogs and Chili dogs. Not wanting to come back the same way, we headed to Knoxville, Tennessee and then over to the Blue Ridge Parkway today, which we will take further south.
Upon reaching the Courtyard Marriott in Knoxville, Lizzie was very unhappy with the accommodations. The furniture in the room was very dated and limited. The chair and desk are not well matched, making typing very awkward, and tedious at best. Thankfully, we won't be staying here for an extended period of time, because if we did, Lizzie would surely come down with a severe case of carpel tunnel.
The bathroom was little more than a box with a shower. The normal curved shower rod found in all the updated hotel rooms was no were to be found. The expected patio was little more than a window over looking the parking lot. The entertainment center which consisted of a TV on a dresser, much like the bathroom was reminiscent of a cheap motel rather than a 3 star hotel that is expected when staying at a Courtyard Marriott.
If not for the friendliness of the staff and the splendid swimming facilities, our stay would have hopefully been easy to forget.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Corn Grills At Emory

Lizzie cooked for the Emory students on a corn grill on Friday 13th of April. The hot Georgia sun gave us a good sun burn, and brought out a fair number of Emory students, for whom Lizzie eagerly grilled several hundred veggie burgers, veggie dogs, and chicken dogs. The Earthinhand corn grill worked splendidly, and many of the Earth festival visitors were very impressed. The hospitality of Lizzie's brother was very much appreciated. Lizzie, her daughter, and I were treated like royalty.
We also dined out on more than one occasion, and these events will be written about on at a latter date.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Corn Grill Goes to Atlanta

It appears that we're taking an unexpected trip to Atlanta. We were just contacted by Emory University to bring our Corn Grill from EarthinHand Corn Stoves to the GA Earth Fair at Emory University on April 13th. So far all we really know is that the fair is Friday April 13th from 12 to 3:30 on McDonough Field, in the center of campus.

A few days ago we receive this message from an undergraduate student - "
Emory Environmental Alliance is currently organizing an Earth Fair on Friday April 13th. I know that is really soon but I would love to have the Earth in Hand Corn Grill represented some how. Your business is amazing and it would be great if we could educate our campus on alternative fueled grills."

Of course, we're always excited to travel just about anywhere, but being able to help out with the corn grills and stoves is an added benefit.

So, we'll probably head out on Thursday morning before sunrise, with the grill in the back of the Honda Odyssey and drive the 800+ miles to Atlanta, Georgia. We undecided about a few things as of yet... do we take the two kids that would really like to go? and do we stop Thursday night or drive straight through? Most of the time that we travel - we fly, so we don't want to take the children, but now we're driving and I do have family in Atlanta that the kiddies would love to see. As for the hotel, we may just have to stop and the kids may drive us crazy and we'll need the break.

More to come....