Sunday, December 31, 2006

Travel Blog Year in Review

Lizzie Bean has done a bit of traveling this year and has visited many memorable places and eaten many fine meals.
List of trips we took in no particular order to the best of my recollection.
  • Our first major trip of the year was a Ski trip to Whistler, BC at the beginning of the year. Fabulous trip which was our favorite trip of the year.
  • We took many Philadelphia trips and we attempted to stay at different hotels on each visit. Loews was nominated as our favorite hotel to stay at in Philly for the 2006 year.
  • The worst trip was easily a day trip we had to Washington D.C.
  • Numerous trips to Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Several trips to Red Horse Lake located in Ontario
  • Our major family vacation to the Avon, N.C.
  • We made one trip to Atlantic City, which we are not too eager to repeat. The hotel we stayed at was truly the worst hotel we stayed at this past year. We both would prefer to gamble in Vegas, then again, who wouldn't.
  • Our Las Vegas trip this past October were we stayed at the MGM Grand, who downgraded our room and would have charged us the same without giving us any comps if we had not complained. Also had a bad experience with the Philly airport on this trip when they lost my bag and would still be lost if I had not done some Internet research of my own to find it.
Our Favorites for the Year

  • As mentioned above, our favorite Hotel in Philadelphia for 2006 was Loews
  • Our favorite trip was the Whistler ski trip
  • My favorite sandwich was the Zep from Eve's Lunch
  • Lizzie's favorite burger was from the Continental Martini Bar
  • The best Cheese Cake was really hard to pin down, because we have rarely had a bad one, but I do believe the best of the year is going to Old Man Raffertys in New Brunswick,NJ.
  • Favorite restaurant was the restaurant in Whistler was the Rimrock Cafe.
  • Favorite wine of the year was the wine we had at the Rimrock, which was a Famous Gate Pinot Noir.
  • Favorite Airline for the year is Cathay Pacific.

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