Friday, December 01, 2006

Slot Machines Prize Money Paris Casino, Las Vegas

Originally uploaded by arkworld.
Oh how sweet it would have come home from Vegas with all this loot. This is a photo according to Arkworld " is the one million dollar prize money for this slot tournament the Paris Hotel & Casino will be holding." Thats weird, how can you have a slots tournament. I can see a poker tournament, that actually involves a little skill. What skill is there in putting money into a machine? I picture little old laddies making lots of money at the slotts. I mayself had a few minor slot windfalls, but nothing that would pay for a good meal in Vegas.

Well I will have to keep my eye out for info on the slot tournament.


bingo said...

Vegas! I would love to go there with all there big machines. unfortunatley i cant afford the trip so im bound to play online slots machines for now.

Bingo Lady said...

wow thats alot of money. wish I could win that playing internet casino slot machines.

and yes us old ladys do win alot of money on slots. we have lots of knowledge and experience you see.