Monday, April 17, 2006

Washington DC Day Trip

Had a short day trip to DC for a class trip. Inspite of a little sickness the trip was very nice. Started out by going to the Arlington Cemetery . Upon arrival we walked up to the Arlington House because Lizzie has a distant relation to General Lee who once lived there. After the Arlington House, we walked down to The Tomb of the Unknowns and caught the end of the changing of the guards. The precision and dedication of the guards is so awsome.
Next we headed down to the bus and to fruitlessly hunt for a coke. Lizzie was still feeling ill from what we thought was the bus ride, but latter found out was a stomach virus that was going around.
We boarded the bus at the designated time and then left to have lunch on a senic vista. Well I guess that is what you can call the park by the Lincoln monument. We found a park bench and started to eat our lunches while looking out onto the Potamac River. Only a few bites into her lunch though, Lizzie became very sick. The rest of the trip she spent sitting in park benches or theatre seats.
After lunch we were dropped off at the Air and Space Museum and then told to meet back at the museum of Natural History to view a movie. We managed to walk to the Hirshorn museum. And at this point we had the most exicting part of our trip(other than Lizzie spewing) was when we witnessed a robin chasing a squirrel around the garden. Not something you see everyday. The bird chased the squirrel into a hedge of bushes and down the entire length of the hedge. Quite a funny site.
Another highlight of the trip was the demonstration of the migrant workers who were protesting the recent changes in legislation. We had to cross through their demonstration inorder to get to our next stop.
We made our way to the Museum of Naturual Hisory to watch a really nice 3D movie about the four animals in Africa. The hightlight for us came at the end of the movie, when Lizzie again had to get sick and was only able to relieve herself by using her sweater.
After cleaning up we made our way back to the bus and headed home.
Well we made it home with no further problems. We will have to make another trip to the capitol when Lizzie feels better.

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