Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gotta Go to Chicago...

Feeling like it's time to run again. I've been climbing the walls lately with only a few day trips under way over this long, long winter. Now that spring is starting to creep in ever so slowly - it's time to start planning. And it looks like Chicago is going to be the winner!

We'll be off to see our favorite couple who had the fabulous Las Vegas wedding last November. I've been promising Cat of Chicago that we would visit - and now we will. I haven't been to Chicago in years and Adam has never been - poor boy. He'll be in for a treat! From what I remember Chicago has some amazing food! There is a place that has the best burittos that I think I've ever had (we'll be sure to post when we return as I can't remember the name of the restuarant now). And, of course the famous Chicago deep-dish pizza!

It looks as if the weekend will be May 20th - I'm so excited. We probably won't get to review a hotel during this venture, but there will be lots of other events to write about when we return!

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