Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dreams of Going to Hawaii

What could be better than a Hawaiian vacation! We try and travel as much as possible, in fact whenever time and finances allow - we go away. There a many places we'd love to travel to - but, we know they have to be put on the back burner for the time being. I spend a got bit of time researching places on the Internet of where we can go next. Hawaii is on the top of the list.

I never really thought much about Hawaii, but recently I've come across several websites about Hawaii travel, that have me very curious. Here's a list of some of these sites:

Search the Hawaiian Islands
Big Island Super Guide - It's more like entertainment!

Hawaii Shark Adventures - Hawaii Shark Encounters gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty and excitement sharks in their native waters. Proud partners in a worldwide effort to improve the understanding of sharks.

Maui Homes and Townhouse Rentals - Choose oceanfront or ocean view homes and townhouses that offer the best combination of privacy, comfort and amenities for your Maui vacation as well as easy access to restaurants, shopping, golf courses, beaches and Lahaina Town. View photos and descriptions of the unique features that make our homes special.

Vacation Rentals By Owners

Oahu Travel Guide - Travel guide and planner to the island of Oahu.

Vacation Packages from

I also found a great site for planning my Hawaiian travel -

Always a good idea - Travel Insurance - Obtain cheap annual medical health travel insurance now.

I'm sure we'll get to Hawaii one of these days - hopefully soon. I went to visit my brother in Atlanta recently. He went to Hawaii a few years ago and he's planning another Hawaii vacation for this summer. I asked him about Hawaii and he says everything you see in brochures and magazines that looks so amazing and you couldn't believe that it's really like that (they only photograph the best of Hawaii) - it's even better than it looks. There are private waterfalls, beautiful ocean views and more.

So, I have to start looking for a Hawaiian vacation package soon!

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