Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calling Cards

Some time ago, when we were going to Whistler, we had been talking to a bartender who works at the airport. She had been on vacation in Europe with her daughter, and her daughter made some phone calls with her cell phone. Low and behold our bartender got a surprise when her phone bill came. The roaming charges were amazing. I guess her daughter had been talking to her boyfriend a little too long. Anyway, I am wondering why people don't just use International Calling cards as their emergency communications back up when on vacation. These calling cards are really cheap. Take for example the International calling cards from, which I have discussed on Network of Sites: Affiliate Programs to Develop a Network of Sites. When you search for calling cards to call from Germany to the US, rates vary from about half a cent per minute to 61 cents per minute. Rates vary due to amounts of minutes being purchased, service charges such as connection fees, and types of phones being used. Had our bartender gotten one of these for her daughter, she would have not only saved money, but prevented the shock from an excessively high cell phone bill.

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