Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Trip to Puerto Rico

Our Honeymoon in Puerto Rico has been over for over two weeks now. We are back on schedule with our daily grind. I just realized I had not done one more Puerto Rico post that I had been planning on doing. So this is the first of several review posts that started out as one, but are ending up as a series.

Flight to Puerto Rico

In spite of our fears, we did make it to the Gran Melia with very little confusion or trouble. Our trip actually started out the night before our US Air Flight departed. Since it was a 930am departure, we decided to avoid the Philly morning rush hour traffic and stay over night near the airport. Lizzie booked a room online at the EconoLodge, which might have been a 1 or 2 star hotel. The good thing about staying in a place like this, it made our final destination seem all that much better. I know neither of us was able to sleep in this dingy room, but it was what it was.

The next morning we got up and hot footed it to the airport. After dropping our car off at the econo parking, we got to the airport. At the airport we had breakfast at The Famous Famigilia restaurant. The huge sandwiches are quite a bargain at 5 bucks.
We then waited for a short time and boarded the plane. The entire trip lasted under 4 hours. At the airport, we got our bags, and then asked were the shuttle was located. After purchasing two round trip tickets for $120, we boarded the shuttle and proceeded to Gran Melia. One little tip. If you are traveling in a group, it might be cheaper to take a taxi from what we were told. By 5pm we were in our resort villa, checking out the facilities.

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Pictures of our honeymoon in Puerto Rico and other travels are available on Flickr.

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