Friday, August 10, 2007

Rehoboth Beach - Brighton Suites

Rehoboth Beach
Lizzie and I had a short little trip with her daughter to Rehoboth Beach. We left for the beach on Monday morning about 630am, and were at the Rehoboth by 11am. The day started out raining, and upon arriving at Rehoboth, it seemed to clear up quite a bit. Since it was raining we started out our Rehoboth trip by visiting the Factory Outlets that line Rt 1 outside of Rehoboth. We both got shoes at the Clarks outlet store, and Lizzie also bought a cook book at the hot sauce outlet.
Being we had Lizzie's daughter and her daughter's friend a long, once the sun started showing its head, they started bugging us about heading out to the beach.
At the beach, we were greeted with a 72 degree ocean, with high tide at about 330pm. The waves were really small at about 2' to 3' ft, but occasionally a big one would catch us by surprise and throw us about.

At 330pm, we were then able to check into our room at Brighton Suites Hotel, which is about a block and half away from the beach and located in the middle of Rehoboth's shopping district. Many restaurants are with a block of the Brighton Suites, so food choices were plentiful.Brighton Suites - Rehoboth Beach
The hotel also has a pool, small fitness center, and restaurants in the same building.

Brighton Suites Hotel has beach chairs and beach umbrellas for their visitors to use for free. In addition to this, another great feature for the beach going guests are changing rooms and a shower for use after the beach which can be used before check-in and check-out. We did not take advantage of the chairs or umbrella, but we most certainly did take advantage of the shower before heading back home.

The hotel does not have the newest furnishings, but it was more than adequate, and far superior to some 2 to 3 star hotels that we have visited. One superior feature about BrightonSammy's Kitchen Suites is that the entire hotel is non-smoking(applause).
Our room had a king size bed, with another room for the girls that had its own TV and a sleeper sofa that house keeping came and made around 8pm.

While the girls were eating their dinner we got from Sammy's Kitchen(Chicken fingers and Fries), Lizzie and dined across the street at Cafe Zeus.
Cafe Zeus has gourmet cuisine at its finest, and a mighty fine cheese cake that won the best Cheesecake award in a Rehoboth Chocolate Festival. Lizzie agreed that it was a mighty fine cheese cake. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that evening because the dinners were artistic master pieces that tasted as good as they looked. Lizzie and I both would visit the friendly Cafe Zeus again. Next time I am going to have to try their Absinthe, just because it seems so sinful.

Other restaurants that we ate at during our short beach trip included Thrasher Fries(the girls), Grotto Pizza, Louie's Pizza, and Sammy's Kitchen.

Several stores that we stopped at included all the five and dimes on the board walk, but in particual we liked Ryan's Gems and Junk. We also stopped in at the Zach's Deli and Convenience shop numerous times for drinks.

In spite of all the people at the beach(the most Lizzie had seen in twenty some years), we both would still visit Rehoboth again. Lizzie loved the town because it was so artsy, I just liked it for its family atmosphere.

Be sure to check out the Rehoboth Beach Picture set.

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