Thursday, January 17, 2008

Strangest Travel Stories of 2007

I have yet to do my 2007 wrap up post, but I will eventually get to it, as I think it is important to do those types of yearly review posts on a yearly basis. Lizzie's Top Ten list of last year seemed to go over well, so I will be doing that again as well.

This post is just a short little post to let everyone know about the article The Strangest Travel Stories of 2007 from Twelve of the strangest travel related stories for the past year are briefly reviewed by Ed Hewit the Features Editor at the Independent Traveler.

My favorite three stories from the list are:
  1. The Miniskirt Menace
  2. But They'll Force You to Wear a Blanket
  3. Congressman Looses Luggage- I can relate to this, but certainly would not go balistic like this guy.

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