Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travel Organizer: Tripit.com

From TechCrunch, Travel Organizer Tripit Goes Social talks about a Tripit.com, which is a site that enables travelers to organize and access their itinerary from anywhere. Since the site made it onto Michael Arrignton's list of Sites I could not live with out, it must be a pretty good resource that Lizzie and I will have to attempt to utilize in future travels.

No matter where you make your reservations, you enter your travel info into the site, and it allows you to access your itinerary from anywhere. It also gives you informations such as weather, restaurants, maps, and events. It also can be insinc with other sites that you use such as Google maps, Flickr, Facebook, and your email. Tripit also lets you compare your travel plans with those of other users. So if some of your contacts use it, you can see when your paths may cross.
I like the idea of being able to access your travel plans from anywhere. This also means we could let family members have access to our travel plans so they will know all the whens and wheres of our travel plans.

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