Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going to Vegas!

After many flip-flops on the decision of whether we should or should not go to Vegas - we're going!

The timing just didn't seem right this year and finances are unsure for the coming year as well - so there was a lot of debate and issues regarding this trip to Vegas. But, a trip is a trip and the constant need to travel won over the lesser need to be practical and responsible.

Of course we tried to find the best deal using Hotels.com and Travelocity.com - but, unfortunately - all of the flights were at least one stop and paying a little more for a non-stop flight seemed preferable (did I mention that being practical wasn't the first choice for this trip). In general I've always had great experiences with both those services - but, time was a factor with this trip since we waited until the last minute to book the vacation.

We ended up going through Southwest Vacations.com - their flights are never part of the discount travel sites. They had a fabulous selection of non-stop flights to Vegas and although fairly limited for the dates we're traveling - we found a great hotel. We will be staying at the MGM Grand Hotel in the West Wing.

Needless to say - we're really excited about this trip. Since it all was planned so recently - we don't even have to wait long to go.

The reason for the trip - other than the 2nd annual business meeting that always takes place in Las Vegas - is to see Cat. We had the pleasure of being at her Vegas wedding last year in November - which was our first trip to Vegas ever - and coincidently - the first business meeting.

We'll be leaving Saturday, October 21st at 5:50 pm out of Philly International Airport and arriving at 8:25 pm in Las Vegas. Our return flight is at 4:45 pm on Tuesday the 24th and doesn't get into Philly until 12:45 am - the next day!

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