Sunday, June 03, 2007

Puerto Rico Blog

As the date of exchanging our vows is rapidly approaching, the thoughts of our Puerto Rico honeymoon are growing. I had been on a couple of older blogs that said one of the greatest problems was not having any signage at the airport or on the roads for that matter. I also know that Lizzie did not make arrangements to get us from the airport to the resort, which is about 30 miles from the airport. At the moment, she is still waffling (not sure it's the right word, just wanted to use it) a bit about renting a car while in Puerto Rico. We might just end up renting one after we get there.

Well after our OBX vacation last week, I certainly hope we did not get so spoiled that the luxury accommodations of our Puerto Rican Resort don't seem special.

I will be doing some blogging this week, and seeing what I can find out about activities in the blogosphere while we are in Puerto Rico.

Update: We did rent a car from Avis. The hotel does offer a round trip van ride for about 120 bucks. I was told that if we had a larger party, that a taxi would have been cheaper. Read our other Puerto Rico posts and check out our Puerto Rico Flickr pics.

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Juan said...

I was reading your blog and I was wondering how was your experience in Puerto Rico