Friday, March 20, 2009

All Travel Sites- Niche Travel Directory, a niche travel directory was just started to support the travel related aspects of our growing SEO business. As it turns out we have multiple clients in the travel business, so a travel directory will be a valuable part of those marketing endeavors.

The travel directory was set up using the PHPlinkdirectory 3.4 script. We have multiple directories, but this is the first directory using the 3.4 version. The user interface is very easy to use, as it does compare to the earlier versions that we have used. But it also has a lot of improvements.

The biggest improvement that I love is the use of blogging features, such as an integrated article directory and the ability to add comments to individual listings. I have been a fan of directories that use these commenting features for sometime, but this is the first one I have owned with this feature...All I have to say is...sweet.

Do You Have a Travel Site?

If you have a travel site I recommend that you head on over to the travel directory and add your site. For a limited time, free listings will be added with the "Nofollow tag" disabled for the first year. After a year the listing owners will have the option of upgrading or having the "Nofollow enabled".

Please feel free to add any travel related articles as well.

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Kruger Park Honeymoon said...

Thanks for the link to the directory. Going to go check it out now!