Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lanzarote Spain - Lanzarote Holiday

The new Travel Directory Blog just published an un-compensated guest post about Lanzarote Spain, which is the eastern most Canary Island that is about 80 miles off of the coast of West Africa and has some amazing volcanic scenery.
Photo by James Mitchell Lanzarote Photography

The guest post has made me add Lanzarote onto the list of places that Lizzie and I must absolutely visit in our future travels.
Be sure to check out the post and to visit the site of the guest author if you are searching for information on hotels in Lanzarote.


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Wow Spain is somewhere I would love to go. U have certainly inspired me to make sure i get a holiday booked to spain

workhard said...

Wow.. that is such a beautiful place.. Is that red soil.. volcanic soil...

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