Saturday, March 17, 2007

Going to Gananoque

We've been to Canada and Gananoque before, but we've always stayed at the small fishing camp on Red Horse lake that we love so much. Our plans were to go back to the cabins at Shawmere for one week this coming summer, but we were thinking of actually bumping it up to two weeks. But that may pose some problems... and that's what this next weekend is about.

I've never had much success with technology in Canada - I'm sure it's just fine and they are as technologically capable as anywhere in the US, but I've only experienced difficulties. So, the thought of being without a computer or access to the Internet - my lifeline - for an entire week - let alone TWO - sent shivers up my spine. We contacted Chuck Shaw - proprietor of Shawmere - and he assured us that his little village is a "hot spot" and we will be fine.

Well, still leery of this, we decided that we have to check this out before we commit to spending any length of time at the fishing village this summer. This brings us to the trip we'll be taking this coming weekend to Gananoque. We decided that we MUST check this out and it was both a perfect opportunity to get away and without children AND to see if Shawmere really is a hot spot.

I did some research and I couldn't find a hotel in Gan (what it's know as to the local folk) that seemed as if it would be adequate. But, having been there before and being very impressed with the town - I remembered the Gananoque Inn. The Inn is charming, old and best of all - right on the St. Lawrence River in the heart of the Thousand Islands of Canada.

I found several packages offered by the Inn and the best looking offer for our needs was the Rendezvous Package, which includes:

Two Nights of Accommodation
Sparkling Wine and a Cheese Selection waiting in Your Room
Two Candle Lit Dinners (at the FABULOUS Gananoque Inn Dining Room!)
Two Breakfasts
Popcorn and a Movie

Needless to say - I'm excited!

And, if the Internet is a go at Shawmere - we'll be heading to Canada for two weeks summer 2007!

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