Monday, March 19, 2007

Airbus A380 in America

I was reading the headline stories this morning on Yahoo, when the article Airbus A380 makes 1st flight to America, caught my eye because of the A380's enormous wingspan, which is a little less than the length of a football field, and is able to carry over 500 people. Wow, that is one huge jet.

As I was reading the Airbus article, I could not help to think of the Titanic. Hopefully this was just because the Kate Winslet movie was on yesterday, and not because of I am experiencing a premonition. The full service A380 Airbus is a doubledecker jet that has a better fuel economy than smaller jets that are in service and will save the owners more than 10% per seat in fuel.

Airbus, currently has 166 orders for the A380 from 15 different airlines, including Asian airlines. I wonder if Lizzie's favorite airline, Cathay Pacific is one of the airlines that has an A380 order. I asked Lizzie if she would like to or if she would be afraid to fly in such a large plane, and she said she prefers flying in large planes to the small planes like Cessnas. Perhaps we can take an A380 next time we fly to Whistler for a skiing vacation.

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