Thursday, November 01, 2007

Going to NOLA for the weekend!

Our house has been under construction for many, many months now, at least it seems as if it has. We went away to Canada two weeks ago at the request of the contractor so he could get in the house and resurface the hardwood floors. 99% of the entire project was to be completed by the time we returned from our trip.

Well it's now two weeks later and the floors still haven't been finished, the bathroom's not finished either AND we need to leave the house again. So we're making the best of the situation (any excuse to travel works for me!) and heading down to New Orleans, Louisiana!

We wanted to go to a place where we've never been, but we only have two nights and three days to take it all in. I went to NOLA about 20 years ago when I was in college, to visit a friend who attended Tulane University. It was a really quick trip and I only remember really loving New Orleans and thinking that I have to get back there some day. Well, 20 some years later and I'm going back! Unfortunately, this trip will be as brief as the first trip - but it's better than never going back. AND Adam has NEVER been there!

We're staying at Le Pavillion Hotel in the French Quarter. I have no idea what this hotel is like - I'd love to hear other people's opinion who've been there. We'll arrive on Saturday, November 3rd at noonish and fly home to Philly on Monday evening. Short and sweet.

I scheduled the trip on Last Minute I've never used that service before, but I looked around on other travel sites and I have to admit, being a last minute trip - their prices were fabulous! Hope the entire experience is positive!

Needless to say, I'm seriously excited about this trip and I'm sure Adam will have an abundance of photo opportunities!

See ya in NOLA!

Update: Here are the New Orleans trip posts.

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Adam said...

Sounds like an opportunity for a new camera if you ask me:-)