Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Orleans Weekend

New Orleans is a great town that two years later is still recovering from Katrina. Well over half of the population as of yet has not returned, and it will be years until the recovery will be anywhere near complete.

We arrived in New Orleans on Saturday, without our luggage. This makes it the second time I lost my red Riccardo bag, the first time being when Southwest Airlines lost it when we flew in to PHL from Los Vegas. This time however, it was US Air in Philadelphia's mistake. After waiting in a line for almost half an hour, we took a taxi to LePavillion Hotel, checked into hour luxurious room, and hot footed it down to the French Quarter for some grub.
I am not going to go into detail about the food we ate, but will be blogging about the New Orleans food on The Grub Hound.
Restaurants we visited included:
Acme Oyster

Bourbon House
Bourbon House Restaurant
Mr.B's BistroMr. B's Bistro
LePavillion Crystal Room
Beignets at Cafe Du Mondebeignets at Cafe Du Monde

What we Did Besides Eat

  • Walked around the French Quarter especially Bourbon Street.
  • Checked out some art galleries.
  • Did a tour of New Orleans with Cajun Encounters.
  • Took the Free Ferry to Algiers.
  • Lost money at Harrahs Casino.
  • Shopped for souvenirs.
  • Relaxed in our LePavillion Room.
  • Took lots of pictures which can be seen in my New Orleans Picture set.
  • Used LePavillions in room Wifi to write several short blog posts and check email.
I plan on doing a few more posts about our New Orleans vacation, but for now,
read the previous New Orleans post in addition to this one.


intrepidideas said...

Hey there, looks like a nice trip. I remember the days at LePavillion. Did you try the crawdad sandwich from room service?

donk.usa said...

Thanks for stopping in Intrepidadeas. Yea LePavillion was sweet, but did not order room service, but chose to eat out...I got scolded by my bro for not having any crawdads, but I did have oysters 3 times so I was forgiven.

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