Friday, December 26, 2008

Park City Utah

Park City Utah will be our next trip in January 2009. We will be going for a week with Lizzie's brother who likes to go on a ski trip every year. I skied in Park City about 10 years ago which was prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics which involved pumping a lot of dinero into the local economy as well as improvements to the slopes.

How quickly time flies, its hard to believe that our last trip was in November to Waves of the Outer Banks (reminder to get some more Outer Banks posts done).

Even longer than that, the last ski trip we were on was with Lizzie's bro to Whistler BC back in February of 2006. That was some great skiing. As I recall, we were told it was the best skiing they had had in ten years. I do recall skiing in more powder than I had ever been in, including while skiing in Europe.

The Park City lodging will be at The Canyons, which has slope side access...sweet...

We will be arriving early enough on a Sunday to get the free day of skiing that is offered by the to love free skiing.

We also might be taking a ski lesson while there as Lizzie's bro wants to improve his abilities. I think that is a splendid idea, since I have not had a lesson since the last time I was in Park City with my father who was a ski instructor gave me some free lessons. I had also taken a weeks worth of lessons when I was stationed in Europe over twenty years ago, so I am sure a ton of bad skiing habits have developed since then. Speaking from experience, I can honestly say ski lessons really make your skiing experience much more enjoyable.
Well, I hope to do some blogging about our trip while I am in Park City, since Lizzie made sure that there is Wifi, blogging from Park City is very doable.

Future Park City posts should include:
  • Where to eat in Park City?
  • Where to drink in Park City? It is a dry town isn't it?
  • Where to party in Park City?
  • Favorite slopes in Park City?
  • Traveling to Park City?
If you have been to Park City, what advice can you give me?


Eric Hoffman said...

It's been snowing for the past week here in Park City so you should certainly have a great time! There are plenty of delicious dining options throughout town, but you should certainly include at least a trip or two to Main Street, that's also where many of the best bar options are too (no, it's not a dry town by a long shot).
Depending upon how much time you have, I'd recommend spending at least a day at each of the PC area resorts and then double up on the resort you like best - but each resort does have a ton of terrain, have fun!

donk.usa said...

Thanks for letting us know about the party situation in Park City Eric. I am not exactly sure if we are going to spend the entire time skiing at Park City or not. But I am sure it will be a blast.