Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marriott's Ocean Pointe -Vacation Club on Singer Island

The Marriott's Ocean Pointe video was taken during the sales meeting we had to attend on 4/4/08 as part of our package deal. A really low pressure sales meeting, great beaches, a great condo, and great weather made our week on Singer Island a real vacation.

So for a beach that does not have a boardwalk, with really great sand, check out Singer Island. From the sales meeting we listened to, it seems that the island is going to be under a serious development phase in the next couple of years. So if your looking to get into a beach time share at the preconstruction phase, give our sales person Brian Simon a call at 561-882-3050. You can also check out Marriot's Ocean Palms website for more information on purchasing a vacation on Marriott's Singer Island resorts.

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Lifecruiser said...

I've read a lot about time sales, but I'm not so sure that's an option for me. I think I'd have a problem sharing :-)

Looks like a great place though, so I certainly understand peeps that takes the chance anyway.

donk.usa said...

Thanks for stopping by Lifecruiser. Yea, it was a pretty nice place, but we currently are not in the market for a time share. Why would we want to go to the same place more than once.