Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Singer Island - The Trip To Singer Island

We got to Singer Island yesterday around 4pm. Our USAir flight went very smoothly. Lizzie was amazed that check in went so quickly. I was amazed that PHL didn't loose my bag again. Our flight landed in PBI(Palm Beach International Airport) right on schedule.

Budget Rent-a-Car

After getting our bags, we went to budget rent a car to pick up our reserved economy car. At the Budget counter we were offered an upgrade special. So we ended up driving a Spyder convertible for only $15 a day extra, which really thrilled Lizzie...she has always wanted to drive a convertible. So we head out to our car, which was suppose to be a white Spyder, but turnedout to be orange when we picked it up. It took us about 10 minutes to get situated, and find out how to take the top down. I made a video while taking the top down if you care to watch it and learn how to take the top down on a Spyder.

Following my GPS, we easily got to Singer Island and Marriott's Ocean Pointe at Palm Beach Shores within 20 minutes, and within 10 minutes we were in our Marriot Ocean Pointe room.


Lifecruiser said...

I so understand her thrill - I've always wanted to sit in a convertible too, with my hair blowing. Now, the weather in Sweden doesn't really support having a convertible really. Cold winters and bad summers makes the climate quite impossible...

Hubbys biggest dream is to once drive a Corvette Stingray 1955-1957. We'll see if he ever gets around to!

donk.usa said...

Your hubbys dream sounds like a good dream to me.
Sweden must be a nice to visit? We are actually thinking about going skiing in Europe this winter. How is the skiing in Sweden?