Friday, April 11, 2008

Singer Island Review

Now a little under a week since we have been back from Singer Island, I better get a post down or it will slip away and I will have nothing written. I was just looking for a review of The Bar Harbor Hotel were Lizzie had her best Crab Cakes of 2007 and I realized...duh...I had not done a review of it. So to not let this happen with any of the great places we dined at while visiting Singer Island, I want to do a quick list post of the places we ate and hopefully later I will be able to do more in depth reviews here or on our Restaurant Review blog,, at which time I will link those posts to these brief summaries.
Tuesday we arrived as I wrote about in the previous Singer Island Trip post, so that is were I will begin.

Were we ate on the Tuesday of our Singer Island Trip.

  • We ate bagels from WaWa on the way to my bros who drove us the PHL.
  • PHL airport Lizzie got us a Stromboli to share on the plane.
  • We were shopping at a Palm Beach mall and ate at The California Pizza Kitchen...good cheese cake, and friendly waitress recommended some stuff to do while in Palm Beach.
Were we ate on Wednesday of our Singer Island Trip.
  • Our Marriott's Ocean Pointe Concierge directed us to the Southern Kitchen Homestyle Cooking Restaurant off of Federal Highway in Lake Park, FL for the best breakfast in the area....good breakfast...huge biscuits. They also had 3 Geeks Web Design mugs for coffee...that is a pretty cool marketing idea. Mugs at restaurants...hmmm.

  • Having a late start, we skipped lunch and had an early dinner at The Brass Ring Pub, which was also off of the Federal Highway, for several of their delicious 1/2 lb hamburgers and unusually good but different tasting chicken wings. A warning for anyone who would like to follow in our footsteps, this is a bar that the locals hang out in, so don't over dress.

  • We then did a bit of driving, and went to the Hilton on Singer Island to check it out. We were considering eating at the Hilton the following night, but chose otherwise. We did however have a nice little drink at Coconuts on The Beach, which is the Hiltons restaurant/bar.

  • After the Hilton, we ended up driving our convertible Spyder around Palm Beach looking for dessert. We ended up at the West Palm Beach Cheesecake Factory for two pieces of their great desserts. Lizzie had a piece of peanut butter cookie dough cheese cake and I had a piece of Chris' outrageous Chocolate Cake.
Where we ate Thursday of our Singer Island Trip.

  • We ate lunch at the Marriott's Ocean Pointe Pool bar.

  • For Dinner our concierge made reservations at Charley's Crab in Palm Beach. Great Seafood can be had at Charley's Crab, which is part of the Muer Seafood Restaurants. See the video on Thegrubhound review.
Where we ate Friday of our Singer Island Trip.
  • For breakfast, we thought we would check out Johnny Longboats Tropical Grill, a local place we noticed on our travels. Johnny Longboats Tropical Grill has a great atmosphere, and I wish we had more time, as I would have enjoyed sipping a margarita on their deck.

  • For lunch we ate ate the pool pub again for lunch. The previous day, I noticed they had both hot dogs and sides of coleslaw on the menu, so I ordered up a Slaw dog for lunch. They will be added to my slaw dog list since it was a great big 1/4lb hot dog, but I would order the slaw on the side next time and put it on myself instead as it was a little too juicy for the roll.

  • For dinner, foolishly, we went to Carrabbas in West Palm Beach. Lizzie's pasta tasted like Tuna Helper, and our waitress was really terrible. I believe Lizzie only tipped her 15% instead of 20%. There were several good things about our meal at the Carrabbas, to include the bread at the beginning of the meal(love the spices and dipping oil), my salad, and the delicious bruschetta appetizer. We may have to try another Carrabbas to give a fair review.
Well that was about it for our Singer Island and Palm Beach dining experience. Saturday, we got up and had a muffin from the Marriott's Ocean Pointe grocery store, and also grabbed something at the airport.

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