Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Park City Utah Prep

In preparation for our trip to Park City on the 25th of January, I am doing some online activities to promote our trip and the various sites and posts that will be developed for the ski trip.

Park City Ski Trip preparation activities will include creating and joining various groups on different Social media websites.

Flickr activity:
Wrote Park City posts here including:
We created two Park City Resort websites which will be developed as blogs, with a primary goal of being sold within 6 months.
Joined several groups on Mixx.
Found some cool Park City Blogs including:
  • ParkCityJournal.com
  • From the Parkcityjournal's site, I found out about SkullCandy.com, which is a new Park City company that sells stylish head phones. I don't know about the head phones, but I love the name.
  • Found the snow board site BadBoySodas.com..sweet site.
I am sure I will be spending some more time online in preparation for the trip. First I may want to find my ski gear. I maybe getting a new set of googles, and new bibs as well. We will be renting our equipment when we get to the mountain. Lizzie's bro has arranged for us to take some ski lessons on our first or second day. From what some people have told me, when skiing on the new shaped skis handle much more differently, and to be able to appreciate them you need to get a lesson so that you can enjoy then to their max. I have heard that if you ski on shaped skis like you were on skis pre shaped skis, it will actually take more energy. Well at any rate, lessons are in order, and we shall see how we do.

I should be posting exclusively on the new sites during our trip, but I will be putting posts about any excellent meals we have onto our restaurant review site, thegrubhound.com. I will also be make some videos during the trip and will create some groups on Viddler.

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