Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Inn At Bear Creek and the Dover Downs Casino

Wow, August has come and went and there has been no posting here since July.
Did we go anywhere in August?

Saturday, which was in August we went to the Dover Downs for a quick bite at Doc Moagrogans Oyster House. Lizzie had an itch to drive, so I talked her into going to the Dover Downs which we have wanted to review for some time.
So after our oysters(I had Oysters, Lizzie had the fabulous crab cakes) we went and hit the slots which is the extent of the Dover Downs casino. All in all, we ended up loosing about 50 bucks. I did win 18 on my first hand of video black jack, but then lost it all in subsequent hands. As a gentleman sitting next to me said, you can win, you just need to learn to walk away.

On Friday, we spent the night at The Inn at Bear Creek, which is a local ski resort which was bought several years ago by the company that owns Killington in VT. A lot of money has been pumped into the facilities, and it surely is a nice place to take a retreat. A more extensive review of The Inn at Bear Creek on this blog and on Thegrubhound are forthcoming.

Other than these two excursions last weekend, August was spent at home in the waters of our backyard.

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