Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maine Artist - Russell D'Alessio

My apologies to the Maine Artist, Russell D'Alessio for continually butchering his name, which I was continually plagued with...that is having my name mispronounced.

Last year during our visit to Bar Harbor, Lizzie discover and fell in love with Russell's painting, and for her birthday, she got to purchase one of Russell's prints. After several email conversations with the D'Alessios, Lizzie and I were invited over to Russell and Linda D'Alessio's home for wine and cheese while we were in Bar Harbor.

Linda and Russell's home is truly a work of art in itself. Russell's art work adorns the colorful walls of their country home, and Linda frequently says she comes home to find the walls have changed with the movement of his work.

Russell truly inspired Lizzie, because he did not start doing the kind of painting he enjoys until after their children left home. For years Russell made a living doing things such as graphic design, and painting Maine landscapes, which seem to be quite popular.

After spending several enjoyable hours with Russell and Linda, Lizzie and I left the D'Alessio's with a few additions to our D'Allessio art collection pictured above.

If you like contemporary art, check out Russell's site. You can also see Russell's work at the Pretty Marsh Gallery in Bar Harbor as well as other galleries within the United States.

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